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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of commitment would my dancer be making?

Because Beat Addikts United is considered extra-curricular to your studio commitments, we attempt to be as flexible as possible with your schedule! Dancers have rehearsal just once a month from January-July, all of which are not mandatory. Our number one rule is "Your studio comes first!" All of our rehearsals are video taped and sent out month to month to help our dancers maintain their choreography between practices. Practices run between 3-8pm and dancers have one hour of rehearsal for each dance they are a part of. The last week of July, into August, we have BAU bootcamp. This is the only time that is mandatory, as it is our final chance to get everything stage ready for our 4 Showcases that take place from August 6-7, 2022.

What does Beat Addikts United cost?

Just like our time commitment, we try to make BAU as affordable as possible for all. Here is a rough run down of costs to plan for throughout the year!

$20 audition fee

$30 registration fee

$120 fee per dance (total)

$200 camp fee (includes access to a professional photo gallery and digital videos of the performances!!)

--This puts the total cost at $480-$680/dancer for the entire year!

What about costumes?

Unlike your dance studio, we do not have a separate fee for each costume your child needs. Instead, Beat Addikts utilizes color schemes for the majority of it's pieces. In May, you will be given a spreadsheet for all costuming dancers need for the entire show. Most costumes you put together yourself. On some occasions, dances will ask for $15-$30 for a matching item for all dancers. To get an idea of what our costumes look like, check out our highlight reel on our home page!

What happens if my child misses a rehearsal?

This is extremely normal. The high majority of our dancers are involved in performance teams, competition teams, sports, etc and miss atleast one of our monthly rehearsals. This is okay. Our biggest key is COMMUNICATION. We ask that you just keep open contact with the Directors, Todd and Tori. All of our rehearsals are video taped so that your child can stay up to date with their material.

Does my child have to be actively dancing at a studio?

While this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Beat Addikts does not train our dancers. We simply offer additional opportunities to perform and build community. While we do have dancers that are not actively taking class, we caution against this as it is much more challenging to develop technique and growth with out them.